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You needs are unique why not your Spanish lessons?

My name is Jennifer and I help Spanish students to achieve confidence and fluency through clearly defined and communicative lessons.

My philosophy?

Being the teacher I would like to have and give the quality care I would like to receive from a personalized language course, a Spanish tutor and friend committed with the progress you need! 

Private Spanish Lessons

Spanish from beginner to advanced level and Spanish for expats

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Private Spanish Lessons

Spanish for newcomers to Spain

Go through everyday situations and make your staying different!
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New life abroad? Do you have to face in real-life situations in Spain and feel lost?

You have ever studied Spanish for ages but once here you realized there are many situations you can’t handle in Spanish. The truth is there are things the manuals and courses haven not taught you, «an Spanish» you have to use but you do not know!

Learning Spanish for visiting or living in Spain requires specific needs and a well-marked road to cover all the situations you must to manage by assuring you learn those you are really going to need: 

  • understanding the paperwork
  • finding a job and passing the interview
  • rentaling a holiday or permanent home in Spain
  • contracting a Internet service and receiving the technician at home
  • going to the hospital… and a long long etcetera…

ufff there are many many situations in which it is extremely important to speak Spanish understanding and be understood. 

I know that moving to or visit another country creates some difficulties we have to deal with… but don’t let the language be one of them!

We feel much more confident when we have the control all these situations, don’t we? 


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Spanish from beginner to advanced level

Come your Spanish up the next level
Online Spanish classes, tailor made Spanish lessons

We exercise all the individual communicative skills and competencies involved: Reading and Listening comprehension, Speaking, Grammar correction and Lexical scope. Very soon you will be able to: 

  • get a good competence the speaker-hearer’s knowledge of the language.
  • get a good performance by developing and following conversations on different topics, whether traveling, at work or among friends.
  • express yourself clearly by making a natural use of the language based on real contexts.

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Type of lessons

100% Tailored lessons

60 minutes- lessons 

For students who:

  • want to work with exercises created according their needs 
  • want to get a good competence in all the Spanish language skills or only one in specific.

What do these lessons include? 

  • Previous analyze of their interests, goals and learning style. 
  • Optional homework and video corrections
  • Optional video reports every two lessons
  • Access to Spanish on my mind community

Only Speaking lessons

30 minutes-lessons 

For students who:

  • want to practice only the speaking skill with no customized material 
  • prefer to suggest a topic and chat about it 

What do these lessons include? 

  • Previous analyze of their interests, goals and learning style
  • Access to Spanish on my mind community



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Student Feedback

  • What I like most is the time flies and after the class she sends you a report with your mistakes and improvements and your satisfaction is always checked through questionnaires. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become confident while speaking and sound more natural. I would like to prepare the DELE of the next level and I have clear that I will continue with her classes.

    online spanish lessons, online Spanish classes, learn Spanish, speak spanish
    Nawal Lazrak
    Degree Translation and Interpretation student.
  • Jenny conveys a lot of confidence and makes you feel that you are in good hands, she’s patient and very closed. It’s not another course on the internet, where you take the course and are alone. She is really involved with her students, she studied my needs and worked out a work plan that I can consult on everything I want to know at what point I am.

    Renata Schekova
    Spanish teacher and waitress
  • Jennifer really helped me to take my Spanish to the next level and I went from having very little confidence in Speaking to being able to hold simple conversations and select the correct tense of verb to use in deferent situations. Jennifer’s lessons are really well structured with useful visual aids that make it easy to understand the lesson being taught.
    As a beginner I was nervous about speaking but Jennifer is very patient and her lessons are taught at the perfect pace, so I quickly gained confidence in speaking and I really look forward to the lessons.

    Ben Wallen
    Electrical Technician from London
  • Jennifer is a highly skilled teacher, very patient and she always give a «no te preocupes» when I get stuck in one of the many pitfalls of the Spanish grammar. For many years I have lived in Sweden and have adopted that language the natural way, but If you don’t live en Spain learning Spanish with Jennifer is second to none and even if you do it will multiply your learning curve tremendously.

    Torben KJär
    Bach of Economics and History

I have a present for you!

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